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2020/10/25 Sun AM 05:29
Plant a tree, refresh our environment / Tree Project

In 2016, Treeart Hotel cooperates with Fruit-ice & Forestry Bureau of Taiwan.

In the direction to carry out our dedication to cleanse the air, we make our first step by

planting a tree, thus started the Tree Project.

Now 2017, we continue planting trees, and nurture the plants we sowed before, and we welcome

all guest and friends to join in our cause and devotion, to expand further with the Tree Project.


Treeart Hotel begins from an idea to provide a carefree and relaxing journey for weary travelers,

starting from refreshing the air we breathe, to connect between human and nature. Therefore we

are proud to introduce the air refreshment service, Clean Plus housekeeping procedure, providing

fresh food and beverage and further our reach to earth and nature.


According to data from Forestry Bureau of Taiwan, the average absorption of carbon dioxide for

each tree is approximately 5~10 kg/year, every acre of forest may absorb 7~15 tons of carbon

dioxide. In order to fulfill the continous aim as expressed in our company's name, we contribute our

effort to rehabilitate the environment with clear and refreshing air to breathe, the Tree Project seeks

to reduce carbon footprint, cleanse the air, and revive the earth.


We hope every tree we planted may replenish oxygen and cleanse the air through photosynthesis

process, and we wish you to join our advocacy on air cleansing!